Important Future Plans – Propositions & Objectives

  • Making of a permanent symbol or logo of “Parampara” Music Festival.
  • Arrangement of “Two or Three Monthly Concerts” on a regular basis, by the Academy.
  • Booking of major auditorium in advance for “Parampara” Music Festival.
  • Booking of Big (Top Class) Artists and Musicians in advance for the Music Festival, every year.
  • Honoring noted Musicians, VIP’s and Fine Arts Artists with annual “Dilrang” (Dilrang Sangeet Samman).
  • Music scholarships to deserving music students and music researchers.
  • Expansion of “Parampara” Music Festival to other cities of India.
  • Publishing of important books on ‘Music Information’ and ‘Music History’, from private sources.
  • Collection and release of old archival music of senior most music stalwarts, from all sources.
  • Medical and Educational help to needy and deserving artists and their families. (Our “Free Medical Checkup Scheme” for Artists has proved highly successful).
  • Holding of “Parampara” music festival on a very big scale, every year.
  • Instituting a music school namely the Dilrang Academy’s School of Indian Music.
  • Acquiring a land from the Govt. for the School of Music & Fine Arts in Mumbai.
  • Promoting the young and budding artists in the two or three monthly music concerts of the Academy.
  • Academy also has plans to build an auditorium namely Dilrang Academy’s Auditorium. It’s a proposal if passed promoted and supported.
  • The Academy’s urgent need and one of its main objective is to start a school of Indian Music (Vocal & Instrumental) and for that it needs an accommodation of space about 3000 square foot land in Mumbai or nearest suburbs of Mumbai from the Govt. of Maharashtra. The cost of land and school building may reach up to lakhs approximately.
  • The Academy has in possession several hours of precious Audio recordings of Miyan Dilrang and many other doyens of the Gharana in the form of Cassettes. We appeal and also invite sponsors and financial supporters to get these Cassettes recordings converted into digital/mp3 forms so that it is not lost or spoiled. These treasures of music will highly be useful for posterity and youngsters.
  • The Academy is helping for arranging and organizing groups and music troupes to Foreign Countries, as per the requirements and demand of the music institutions outside the country (Arrangement of the artistes).
  • Creating a network of artistes from all field of music to make sure the availability of the artists for “Parampara” festival and other music events in the countries and abroad.
  • Creating and developing a reputed school of music and fine art in Mumbai.
  • The Dilrang Academy has an early plan to organize seminars and workshops on the famous AGRA GHARANA as well as other famous
  • The Academy’s immediate plan is to record and release famous Bandishes (compositions) of the present performing vocalists of Agra Gharana, Atrauli (Jaipur) Gharana, Khurja Gharana and Delhi Tanras Khan Gharana on Mp3 discs.
  • Dilrang Academy has organized tours for many performing artistes and groups and has tremendous capacity to arrange all types and categories of artistes for National and International programs.
  • The Academy has also very big plan to release rare recording of the veteran vocalists of the legendary music gharanas of yesteryears, which are in its possession.


After the sad demise of Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan, a Memorial Committee was formed to perpetuate the memory of an artiste par excellence, who did not receive his due during his life time. We began by holding music conferences with the support of eminent artistes like Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan, Pandit Samta Prasad, Ustad Latif Ahmed, Pandit Jasraj, Kishori Amonkar among others.

However, as time passed, we realized that we needed to do much to gain support of music-lovers, connoisseurs and fans and to enlarge the scope of our activities. Accordingly, the Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts was formed in 1995 and was registered as a Trust. ‘Dilrang’ is the nom-de-plume used by Khansahab in the innumerable bandishes (musical compositions for various ragas) which he composed and which are sung by his disciples.

The Academy also wants to grant scholarships to aspiring vocalists and above all to ensure that no artiste suffers from neglect due to lack of patronage.

In all our programs we have featured artistes who are celebrities as well as those who are going to be the voice of Indian Classical Music in the years to come. Friends, Khansahab has left behind a precious heritage in the form of bandishes, new ragas which he composed and ghazals and other forms of Urdu poetry which he composed under the name “Maykash”. It is our endeavor to publish these with notations and pass them on to posterity.

Since, Khansahab devoted his entire life to the cause of Indian Classical Music it is our responsibility to convert his endeavors into a living monument. Our aim is to build an Institute which will house his precious writings and impart to aspiring artistes his vocal art which was an amalgamation of three well-known Gharanas and does a nomenclature of its own – The Azmat Khan Gharana.

We earnestly appeal to you to lend us your valuable support without which our ambitious project will remain only a dream.

The Catalogue which we propose to compile will be a source book on Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan and his art. It will also include articles on him by some of the most prominent musicologists, his fans and disciples.

Please be generous and place an advertisement in the catalogue, the tariff is mentioned overleaf.






(Jt. Secretary)



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