Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts is an organization committed to the cause of Indian Music and Fine Arts, since inception in 1995 it is organizing Classical music concerts, Ghazal evenings, Mushairas, Kavi Sammelans and Felicitation programs. (The Academy has organized 70 successful music events as yet).

We believe that the “Parampara” or heritage of various schools of Hindustani Classical Music is to be sustained and nurtured to retain its purity and glory, to entertain the present and to preserve them for the future generations. With this objective in view, Dilrang Academy has decided to hold regular concerts titled “Parampara” every year at one of the following venues of Mumbai, such as NCPA, Y B Chavan Auditorium and Nehru Centre. The concert would feature musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) of various gharanas such as Agra, Khurja, Atrauli-Jaipur, Kirana, Gwalior, Delhi Tanras Khan, Etawah, Patiala and Sahaswan, etc. Every year “Parampara” concert is planned for November/December.

These concerts would involve considerable expenses even if conducted on a moderate scale. The following expenses are anticipated.

Artistes (renowned)                                     Rs. 400,000

Stage & Decoration                                      Rs. 40,000

Auditorium                                                   Rs. 30,000

Publicity & Invitations                                  Rs. 30,000

Travel & Miscellaneous                               Rs. 15,000

Total                                                             Rs. 515,000 approximately

However, despite our lofty ideals, we look forward for financial assistance from the lovers of Music and Fine Arts. We shall be highly obliged if you could sponsor “Parampara” Music Festival either fully or partially, every year.

We hope that as a connoisseur, of art, you will come forward to render a helping hand to us to hold this music festival in a befitting manner.


Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts is proud to possess a large number of classical recordings of old Gharana dar classical vocalists and doyens of Music. The Academy is looking for a good sponsorship and financial support from fans and followers of music so that these precious recordings are digitally converted from the cassettes. To get this recordings transferred from audio and video cassettes to CD’s, mp3’s and hard discs is too very urgent and important. Anybody interested can contact us on these numbers.

Vajahat Hussain Khan (Secretary),

Mob: +91-9821269505

Tel: 022-29259507

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